How Stattrak

Participate in

Join or create a contest for a competition round.

Build your

Choose your 5 players, they will score according to their stats in the matches.

Track your
team results

Check your players' scores and ranking position during matches.


Win prizes according to your ranking position at the end of the contest.

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Want to Ask Something
From Us?

What are contests?

Contests are private competitions of a round of a real championship, there are several types of contests with game modes and different awards. You can participate in different competitions of the same championship.

How can I participate in competitions?

You need to download our app available for Android or IOS and create your account, after confirming your identity you will be able to participate in contests of the available competions.

Do I need to pay to play?

No, there are free competitions that have prizes. But there are also competitions with paid entry that are used to improve the prize.

What are the prizes for a contest??

Receive bitcoins for the performance of your time, the better your position in the final ranking of the contest, the better your prize.