How play predictions?

Hit the match winners

What is a predictions?

Guesses is a game that predicts the results of free matches, where you guess at the results of the teams and earn points according to your success.


Your score on predictions varies according to your success in the results of the scores, the more scores you get right, the more points you can earn. Matches also have a multiplication factor according to the importance of the match.


Leaderboards are community competitions where you can compete with friends or players from around the world. You can join or create your own leaderboards on stattrak.


Correcting the score completely in the match grants you rewards in satoshis.Satoshi are fractions of bitcoins, and are available in your stattrak wallet, where you can withdraw to a partner wallet and exchange for gift cards or free balance.

Have questions?

Here are frequently asked questions about predictions. If you have other questions, please reach out to our support team!

What are predictions?

The predictions game mode is very simple, you need to hit the winners of the matches.

How to earn points?

In predictions you earn points by hitting the winners of the matches.

Do i need to pay to play?

No. Albeit with premium restrictions all game modes are free for all players.

What are the rewards for predictions?

You can get small rewards when you hit match winners.

What are satoshis(SATS)?

Satoshi is the smallest fraction of Bitcoin, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin. Participate in Stattrak games and receive satoshis for your performance so you can withdraw satoshis to your wallet.